About us

The ultimate fashion destination that brings you drop-dead gorgeous styles without pinching your pocket. In Enzeo, you will find the fashion bestie you can rely upon to fulfill all your style needs. In world of fast fashion We bring you slow fashion not based on trends but based on your comfort. Our clothing is simple, effortless and based on you, your style and your needs.

  • Quality & Care

    We don’t believe in short affairs. Instead, we believe in flings that keep on going for life. We know our quality fashion will keep you hooked on for life. Best of the fabrics to exotic prints, each element of our styles goes through several quality tests so that only the best pieces make it to your wardrobe.

  • Sustainable Sourcing

    We are committed to quality products that are manufactured ethically and sustainably. All of our pieces are traceable throughout the supply chain. We strive to ensure our products contribute to the well-being of people and planet, and our efforts put us on track towards a brighter future.

  • Ethical labor

    We don't under pay our worker just to please certain group of customers. Cheap, disposable Fashion creates an incentive structure to bid
    out the work to the cheapest factory available. We need to vote with our Rupeefor a more equitable world. These people have family too!

  • Timeless fashion

    In the era where everything in the world is so fast-paced, we are bringing to you a slow fashion brand for women, exclusively designed in India for Indian women. While our clothes are fashionable, we don’t make clothes based on trends. Our clothing is simple, effortless and based on you, your style and your needs.

  • Effortless

    Fashion bestie you can count upon to find voguish styles that won’t let you down, no matter what the occasion is. Right from date-night ready LBDs to pick-me-up florals, we offer styles that let you rein in the republic of fashion with no hassle.

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Our Secret?

Quality And comfortable fashion
We believe in comfortable fashion rather. We belive in quality fashion. We believe if you are comfotable you are confident. There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman being her true amazing self.